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Welcome to the world of process art

Awakening Artistry

Welcome to my website! I hope you find some creative juice here.

Wether we care to admit it or not, creativity is our Birthright. It is not just for the talented few, the proffesional artists, those with the credentials. It belongs to all of us, each in our own unique expression.

In fact it is imperative for us all to acknowledge our creative genius, the special something we bring to the world. Regardless of wether we are aware of it or not, this is how we are creating our lives too. To witness our creative process, is to see how we create in our life.

Process art is a self-healing tool, using the transformative power of art-making to access our inner symbolic lives. It is a unique and inspiring way to find your path back to your authentic creative being, learning to let go and trust the process of life. 

Come and experience art as a vehicle of transformation into your own unique self-expression, where you can create authentically without judgment.


Creative Offerings

Art Classes

Weekly 3-hour sessions, offer you a gentle self-healing journey through creative expression.

You will enter into a vital wellness practice, using the transformative power of art-making to expand your heart and mind, and shift your wellbeing.

Sexual Awakening for Women

The Art of Awakening Creative Sexual Energy

Explore the work of Dr Shakti Malan, as I guide you through her tantric workbook, “Sexual Awakening for Woman”, using sacred sexual practices and the exploration of art, as a gateway into the subtle sexual realms.

Corporate Workshops

Creativity in the Work Place
Designed to suit any theme or situation, for team building and generally just to get the creative juices flowing in the work environment.

Leadership through the Feminine
Designed to assist women in accessing their innate qualities of creativity and leadership that are uniquely feminine.

Collaborations & Retreats

Combining Yoga and QiGong, with creativity, breath-work and play, to provide a much-needed space to come and expand, stretch, relax and discover more of your essential nature.

Bringing Art and Dance together in an enjoyable mix of movement and creativity.

About Hayley

I am an ASTAR trained facilitator and a facilitator of "Sexual Awakening for Women" as trained by Shakti. I am also an artist, dancer, writer, lover, trickster, story-teller, wife and mother.

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Phone: 021 6866455
Mobile: 084 444 7903

21 Roseberry Road, Mowbray 
Cape Town, 
South Africa